About Us

Hello, I am Shoana founder of NutrientVibes.

NutrientVibes is a family company based in Sussex, born from a longstanding love for and belief in Natural and Holistic Health. I grew up around natural medicine, and good nutrition and like to offer the same to my own children. In 2015 I set up 'Foraging with Children' an education programme teaching children and families about wild food, traditional uses for wild plants and out-door play. 

In 2018 I was contracted as sales co-ordinator at Noble Naturals, distributor of premium health supplements, after which I was inspired to begin NutrientVibes. 


Our vision is to offer the best family natural health with products I could trust and from ethical sources. I am happy to say that all of our products are exceptional quality, 100% natural, organic, ethical and environmentally friendly. Some of our suppliers are small family based enterprises, and others larger sophisticated labs with a track record of quality and reliability. 

Our Mission - NutrientVibes = Nutrition + Vibration. 

Our health is dependent on many factors that play out in our lives and it begins with emotional  psychological and spiritual well being. By addressing these fundamental needs that make us human we are able to navigate ourselves holistically. That is why NutrientVibes is committed to offering a platform for finding the best route to health and happiness through our practitioner affiliates and healing modalities, interesting articles, links books and resources to compliment our products.