Just like any part of our body we need to maintain our lymphatic system to remain healthy.  It has the super important job of removing toxins that accumulate in the body and plays an important role in defending the immune system. 

Here are 5 Top Tips that will help yours function optimally.

  1. Movement - That’s right, being active helps to keep your circulation flowing around the body which in turn helps the lymphatic system to function. Physical movement whether it be walking, swimming or cycling assists in flushing out toxins and preventing stagnation.
  2. Massage - lymph drainage massage is an excellent way to get the lymph moving especially after injury, illness or taking pharmaceutical drugs. See a professional.
  3. Red Sage Tea - drinking sage tea with freshly bruised leaves assists in stimulating the liver and promotes circulation, and is very effective for detoxing. (Avoid if epileptic)
  4. Essential Oils -  as well as smelling wonderful, essential oils are a valuable addition to the natural medicine cabinet. Grapefruit and Juniper are excellent for stimulating the lymphatic system, reducing excess water in the body and clearing cellulite. Add a 5 drops to 50ml carrier oil and add to your bath or massage into affected areas. 
  5. Water - drink plenty of good quality water, filtered or spring water throughout the day.