We can all be a bit tired sometimes, but when we’re persistently tired, there could be something wrong. But before all the alarm bells going off, know that some things are relatively normal, especially coming out of winter. It is quite normal to need more sleep over the winter months and the temptation to stay in bed is high when it’s dark but your clock says 7am!

However abnormal amounts of tiredness or fatigue are evident through signs of; clouded or fuzzy thinking, every physical task feels like a massive effort, your mood may be low too and you just can’t seem to move fast, you want more than average amount of sleep.

Check out the following and see if any of the list below may apply to you. 

ANAEMIA - is a deficiency of haemoglobin in the red blood cells which leads to oxygen deficiency in the blood. There is also whats known as ‘iron deficiency anaemia’ which can be corrected by taking iron supplements and eating iron rich foods. 

Symptoms include; shortness of breath, appear pale in pallor, tiredness and easily fatigued from exercise. High levels of exercise require a higher intake of iron, so if you have upped your work-out, be sure to supplement. Many types of supplemented iron cause constipation. Try Floradix liquid iron formula by Salus or Nano Iron by the Health Factory. (NutrientVibes.co.uk

THYROID - and under active thyroid will create symptoms of fatigue as well as hair loss, dry, rough pale skin, depression, irritability, decreased libido and weight gain. 

Thyroid irregularities can be checked through through your GP with testing. 

DIABETES - Type 2 diabetes is caused through poor diet consisting of high sugar, fat and simple carbohydrates thus creating acidosis in the body . Symptoms include; thirst, hunger, fatigue, blurred vision, headaches and frequent urination. Correcting type 2 diabetes can take time but is perfectly achievable through a radical change in diet and lifestyle, switching to an anti-inflammatory diet known as ‘the Alkaline Diet’ and radically detoxing the body. Marine Phytoplankton, the primary ocean food source and single celled algae Marine Phytoplankton is a marine (salt water) micro-algae rich in OMEGA 3 a long chain fatty acid called Eicosapentaenoic Acid commonly known as "EPA". It is also packed with over 65 nutrients, enzymes, vitamins  including B12, unique antioxidants electrolytes phytonutrients and chlorophyll. 

Marine Phytoplankton is the primary food source  in the ocean food chain on which all marine life is dependent. Without Phytoplankton plankton Omega 3 would not be present in fish and krill. Not only that, but these micro-organisms produce more oxygen than all the Earth's rain forests combined! As a food source phytoplankton are the tiniest plant based nutrient on the planet - some 5-7 times smaller than the human red blood cell! This power packed food source can readily pass into our cells mitochondria without the need to be broken down or assimilated through regular digestion. Phytoplankton also has the best source of Superoxide dismutase, (SOD) SOD is the most powerful antioxidant enzyme that plays a role reducing oxidative damage and inflammation, and has been shown to be a Heavy Metal Detox carrier. Try The Health Factory Marine Phytoplankton. (nutrientvibes.co.uk)

ADRENAL FATIGUE -   is becoming more common and symptoms include, constant fatigue, weight loss, fuzzy head, emotional or short temper, inability to sleep. Main causes are stress resulting in a constant out-put from the adrenal glands and high levels of cortisol in the body. AF can be helped naturally with a programme of adaptogens and immune boosting foods. Try ENERGY COMPLEX POWDER. Packed with Schizandra berries, cordyceps mushroom, ashwaganda Siberian ginseng and more this order packs a punch. EmotionLife® ‘Get-Up’ by Equisalud to help with feelings of being in a state of emergency and extreme stress. Both available from nutrientvibes.co.uk 

SLEEP APNOEA - People who struggle to breathe at night and who are snorers suffer from sleep apnoea. The body becomes starved of oxygen and sleeping is light and restless as a result not to mention the impact on your bed partner! If you are struggling at nights try 'Spirit of Hemp' CBD oil. Also Holoram® DORMISOL is a natural remedy aids which sleep. (nutrientvibes.co.uk

EMF OVERLOAD - Electromagnetic smog is around us everywhere and with the push to move up to 5G we are potentially being exposed to levels of radiation or electromagnetic frequencies higher than ever before. We all have different levels of tolerance, but you will know when you have overdone it either on your mobile, at the computer when you start to feel the following symptoms; pulsing feeling in the head, headaches, foggy, fatigued or drained, tired or strained eyes, difficulty waking in the morning. There are many brands out there to help reduce the immittance levels which is highly advisable, particularly if you have a teenager who is into their devise at any given spare moment. 'Energy Dots’(manufatured by EMF Global Solutions)  is a trendy and inexpensive but highly effective option with many varieties of EMF patches, wearable wristbands, pendants, and tags which give you numerous ways to protect your self and neutralise your devices.