Around this time of year all the ‘Flu Jab’ ads crop up in the local chemist or health clinic, claiming to save you this winter. You could take this route of course and feel terrible for a few days or a week, (depending on how your immune system is functioning) - or you could follow the much gentler, natural route of boosting your immune system with all the good stuff. 

Right from the tail end of Summer, nature provides us with what our bodies need to get us through winter. Potent berries, high in anti-oxidants including Bilberry, Elderberry, Sea buckthorn, and Sloe or otherwise known as Blackthorn berries - contain High levels of vitamin C, E anthocyanin (in the case of purple or blue fruits) B vitamins, Vitamin K manganese, potassium copper, and Omega oils (Sea buckthorn). 

Traditionally, elderberry for example was made into syrups and tinctures used for coughs, flu, and urinary tract infections.  

Another great way to stimulate the immune system is to have a mini cleanse or fast. By detoxing the body, the organs regain the vigour, particularly the liver. Removing dairy, wheat and meat from the diet for a short time and drinking freshly pressed vegetable juices, freshly squeezed citrus juices in water and staying off alcohol, coffee and black tea will help drive mucus out of the body, rebalance the alkalinity or PH of the blood and thus reduce inflammation and any twinges from arthritis. 

To assist with a detox try VibroExtract ® D - a potent tincture that supports the liver and kidney function among other things contains birch, elderberry and burdock. 

Holoram® Detox, assists in the elimination of toxic waste on a cellular level, by activating pathways and drainage systems. It is 100% natural and contains a combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytonutrients, and bio regulators. 

For boosting the immune system Holoram® Optimum s a good one, scientifically balanced using only natural products, it supports the body’s natural defence system. 

Nano (Colloidal) Silver, is a must in the medicine cabinet. Not only does it stimulate the immune system but has multiple uses from first aid, colds and flu, burns, infections and more. It is antiviral and anti bacterial. Can be taken safely internally or applied externally too.