One of the greatest lessons we are learning right now during this time of Covid-19 is valuing our health. But often we are fooled into thinking that the absence of illness is a sign of good health. Since our immune system is our body's front-line defense it relies on optimum cellular health and nutrition to function well and healthy vital organs, liver and kidneys especially, to clear out waste, debris and toxins. 

Here are 5 proven ways to boost your immune system and optimise your health. 

1. DETOX - Detoxing your body is essential for boosting the immune system. When the body is toxic, it cannot function optimally because normal functions on a cellular level are imp[aired by the constant influx of toxins which create acidic and anaerobic conditions. These conditions create' viral friendly' environments for viruses to thrive. very much like a computer needs 'defragging' so does the body require a chance to release toxic overload. 

Detoxing will require a good internal cleanse and a complete cut-out of certain foods and beverages. To make it simple, create a meal plan that uses only fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grains and pulses. Avoiding meat and dairy for a couple of weeks to a month and also sugar, processed, canned or ready made foods, alcohol coffee black tea. Drink filtered water 2-3 litres per day. 

Replace coffee with chicory based drinks and herb teas. Blend smoothies, press vegetable juices and grow sprouts on your windowsill. Eat two salads a day, soup and cut out heavy pungent spices. Add fresh raw garlic, ginger and chillies to your food. Eat fermented vegetables like kimchi or sour-krauts for good gut bacteria, Kombucha drinks and Miso. 

Nano Silver is excellent for chasing away bad bacteria, fungal over-growths and viruses along with Nano Zinc.

2. FASTING - Fasting has been done for centuries and is very good for giving the digestion a break and also a quick way to detox the body. Fasting can be done in 3 ways. Juice fasting which is done with vegetable juices. Water fasting, drinking only water, and Dry Fasting where no food or water is taken. Fasting should be done with the supervision of an expert following clear guidelines. 

3. NATURE - Getting into nature has been proven to have a positive affect on the immune system. Being in nature helps to calm the parasympathetic nervous system and being around plants helps the release of oxytosin, the hormone responsible for feeling calm and emotionally connected. The Japanese practice Forest Bathing or "Shinin-yoku",is done to to enhance the immune system and create a sense of well-being and relieve daily stress. Phytocines, which are essential wood oils are emitted by the trees and help to increase our defense systems. When we walk on the earth electro- magnetic radiation is released through the ground which passes into our feet and legs. under infra-red photo imaging this has been seen that just a few hours of earth walking reduces inflammation in the body. This is known as 'Grounding' or 'Earthing'.  

4. LAUGH - Being happy has been scientifically proven to boost our immune systems. When we are happy hormones dopamine and serotonin are released which not only make us feel good but help to activate our immune systems. Stress hormones are decreased and immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies are released. Laughing makes us relax, take in more oxygen, relieves muscles tension and inspires us to connect with others. Doing activities that make you happy and bring you joy will keep you well.

5. ACTS OF KINDNESS - Acts of kindness have been shown to stimulate the release of brain chemicals that improve our moods, reduce stress and anxiety and decrease blood pressure, thus enhancing the immune system and parasympathetic nervous system! It's no wonder it has been preached for centuries in religions and spiritual texts . Not only are you making someone else happy, but you increase your own sense of happiness and well-being too. But science is not the reason we do acts of kindness. Right now in your neighbourhood and around the world acts of kindness are being demonstrated in ways small and large which help to being us together in this time of separation.  This is what makes us human, and perhaps it has taken a pandemic for us to realise what is important in this world.