No matter where I go now, there's a bottle of sanitizer at the ready to squirt you clean. This is the precaution set up by government in response to the Coronovirus oubreak which has now infected 36 people in Britain. Thirty-six is not exactly pandemic in number - however hygiene is one of the primary ways to stop the spread of illness, something of course very much lacking a few centuries ago. 

There are many ways to combat bacteria and one of them is with Nano Colloidal Silver.  Being able to take internally as well as externally, is one of the advantages of having this handy in your medicine cabinet or in your handbag. I have used Silver for flu, toothache, conjuntivitus, mouth ulcers, cuts and grazes and burns (with my children) to name a few. It has the unique capacity to be the ultimate alrounder - and this is why. If you are a skeptic or just into the science stuff- this will will intrigue you! 

In Nano SIlver- Water particles are typically 15 parts per million, and 0.01 - 0.001 of a micron in diameter. Thats a heck of a lot smaller than your pathogen, virus or fungi. What's more, silver is positively charged and being attracted to negatitvely charged viruses and pathogens, attaches itself to them. Through this attachment, it then disables the oxygen metabolism enzyme - which suffocates the virus or bacteria, killing it. It then releases the bond and seeks another attachment. Dead pathogens are cleared out of the body by the lymphatic and elimination systems - however when large amounts of 'fallout' or toxic waste occur in one time, this can create what is known as a healing crisis - whereby you feel a lot worse before you feel better. This is often misunderstood as the product not working or an increase in the viral activity. However, especially when taking high doses of silver such as 30-60ml per day, you can rest assured that the job is getting done and the rough ride will be over soon. 

Aside from simply killing the virus or bacteria - silver does not compromise the  immune system in the same way as when taking antibiotics. Far from it - Nano Silver actually stimulates the body's own immune system, enhancing it's efficacy. 

There have been no known cases of overdose - so there is no risk when taking and even up to 30ml per day ongoing is recognised as acceptable by the WHO (world health organisation). I always think, knowledge is power, and when it falls into the hands who need it, life-changing.