Hybrid Herbs MAITAKE

MAITAKE is long known for its medical uses. Also known as 'hen of the Woods' in English and Hui Shu Hua is Chinese this mushroom grows on dead oak trees in temperate climates. Maitake is the Japanese name and it means dancing mushroom - for it was believed anyone who consumed it would be filled with joie de vivre and full of energy. 

Nutritional information.

  • Beta-glucans
  • Polysaccharides 
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Amino Acids 


Beta glucans strengthen the immune system by fighting free radical damage and balancing the blood sugar.

Polysaccharides form an important part of dietary fibre helping with the absorption of nutrients. 

Why Choose Hybrid Herbs Maitake Mushroom Powder?

  • 10:1 High Potency Extract: We concentrate ten pounds of raw mushroom into one pound of extract powder, so you’ll receive ten times the nutrients in each serving

  • Ready to Use: Simply add the powder to teas, smoothies or sprinkle on food and enjoy the benefits 

  • 100% Natural: Our extract powder is 100% Natural, so you will taste the rich, delicious flavour that our maitake mushroom extract powder offers


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