Medicinal Mushrooms


Medicinal Mushrooms are found all over the world, especially on wood, straw and other material. They are called 'Medicinal' due to their health promoting reputation. 

Fungi are absolutely necessary for the health of the forest. Plants cannot grow in the forest without fungi in the soil. Mushrooms cannot survive without a healthy immune function, which is why they are seen so valuable to human health. 

We are delighted to provide you with the Highest Quality Medicinal Mushrooms you can trust, that can be consumed instantly with your favourite teas, smoothies or beverages of choice.


Medicinal Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years to promote well-being, healthy aging and strengthen the immune system.

The Pharaohs once deemed Medicinal Mushrooms as "The Plants Of Immortality". Many natural practioners often recommend Medicinal Mushrooms as part of a healthy diet. 

Medicinal Mushrooms have also been shown to relieve stress, combat inflammation, promote energy and physical endurance, improve the health of the skin and much more.

All of our Medicinal Mushrooms are at least 10:1 concentrated extracts, meaning we have taken 10 whole pounds of the finest raw mushrooms and concentrated them into one pound of extract for you to use immediately. 

Our Mushrooms can be added to warm water, or your favourite tea, beverage or smoothie of choice. They are instant, and ready to go for your convenience!

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