Nano Gold


Gold occurs as a trace element in the body. It occurs naturally in volcanic soil and seawater, and tiny particles appear in the skins of violet coloured fruits and vegetables.

Gold is considered a Noble Metal and it's properties have been referred to by many ancient civilizations and symbolically is connected to the sun and the human heart. It has long been used in Chinese medicine and Homeopathy.

Nano Gold is pure water containing nano particles of gold with a negative electrical charge. When gold is composed of one atom (monoatomic) it loses it's metallic property and becomes a super conductor. 

 High quality Nano Gold contains particles that are 0.14 and 4 nanometers in size. A physical law states that the smaller the particles, the greater the effect on the body.

Nano Gold has anti inflammatory properties to alleviate pain and swelling caused by arthritis and bursitis, inhibiting inflammation in the tissues and joints. 

Nano particles of gold can improve the conduction of nerve cells. Tests have shown greatly improved performance of the brain and nervous system including tests to show a raise in I.Q and concentration. 

  • May stimulate the production of dopamine in the brain.
  • May help with addictions (sugar, coffee, alcohol drugs)
  • May stimulate collagen production so useful as an anti-ageing remedy and  skin tonic
  • May stimulate and support hormone production.
  • Anti- inflammatory.

E.U. Regulation requires that the labelling stipulates for topical use only. Always consult a practitioner.

Bottled in Dark Violet Miron glass for optimum shelf life. 

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