Nano Zinc/Copper


Nano Zinc/Copper mineral water is produced by using a unique method consisting of purified water containing 20mg (20ppm) of pure Zinc and 2mg (2ppm) of ultra fine copper.

In this form these particles absorb quickly by the skin and mucus membrane making them super bio-available without passing through the digestive tract.

Copper is an important trace element necessary for respiration and also important for the production of collagen, and tissue repair. As an antioxidant mineral it protects against free radical damage. 

Combined with Zinc makes this water particularly good for sportsmen & women aiding tissue repair and recovery and many enzyme activities in the body. As the combination of Zinc/Copper goes to the same receptors in the body, makes a perfect supplement suitable for long-term use. 

Excess amounts are naturally excreted by the body through the skin and lymphatic system.  


  • Joint mobility and tissue repair
  • Energy boosting 
  • Good for cardio-vascular activity
  • Immune protection
  • Memory and concentration

Dosage: 10-20ml daily maintenance. 30ml daily for complaints and as directed by a practitioner.

Children: 2-6 yrs 1 tsp. 6-12yrs 1 Tbls. 

Directions: Hold the water in the mouth for 1 minute and take on an empty stomach without water.

The product is tasteless and odourless.

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