Matter is condensed energy and in our organism the energy is regulated through a system of energy centers or chakras, which establishes a connection between the most subtle levels of energy and the endocrine glands. At the same time, these glands transmit the ordered energy programme, by the hormonal secretion into the bloodstream, acting on the receptors located in the different systems and organs of the body.                   

The energy centers are nodal points. The seven primary centers are connected with twenty one secondary centres which represent anchorage points or energy supports. All these systems of harmonic frequencies precipitates in a vibrational slower pattern that finally is condensed in nerves, blood vessels and cellular matrix. This system of matching establishes interdependence relations between both organic and inorganic systems, dense and subtle energies, colours, sounds, forms, organs, emotions, thoughts, and ordering more subtle patterns or archetypes.                   

Each energy center resounds with one part of the spectrum which is also correlated through resonance with an endocrine gland, organs and energy nourished systems by the same center.

Restoring the vibrational resonance of the energy centers and their corresponding organic systems is the objective of the Pranalife® line, a harmonizing system of the vital energy which goes into resonance with reception and emission antennae constituted by the energy centers described by the Hindu tradition.                                                                                          

The use of plants to harmonize the Energy CentersThe system of extraction used by Equisalud captures the complex energy pattern of the plants to transfer their balancing information to the energy centers of our organism.                  

In addition to the synergic combination of the plant extracts, intended for their activation by resonance of the frequency spectrum of each chakra, every product of the Pranalife® line contains essential oils that represent its most subtle energy component.



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