The VibroExtract® Line is based on the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Wood, Fire, Water, Earth and Metal. Health in the Chinese system is based on the balance of Yin and Yang and illness and disease is viewed as patterns of disharmony, and so attempts to restore balance in a person who is sick.

There are energy lines in the body called Meridians in TCM which nourish the body with life flowing energy. There are 12 pairs Meridians which flow around the body and deep into the internal organs. All foods, organs and bodily processes are classed as either Yin or Yang and served by specific Meridians. Organs are classed under the 5 Elements also. Lungs for example are ruled by the element of Metal, Kidneys - Water, and so on. 

The VibroExtract® range has 3 more products these are; VibroExtract® D, VibroExtract® N, and VibroExtract® H. ( see products for details)

VibroExtract® is made by an advanced extraction system using pure water and pure alcohol that ensure the active properties of the whole plant are in the most bio available form from a molecular point of view.   

This element is the best extractive agent available as well as the best preservative of the therapeutic properties of plants, which remain intact for years. The presence of alcohol is not toxic or harmful to the body as the amount ingested per dose is minimal. However, disease is not only physical but can also compromise emotional and mental health. VIBROEXTRACT® can also assist in these areas.



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